Monday, 4 January 2010

Comment for videos


Thanks for the videos.

By the way, I cannot leave a comment. I had this problem before with another blog and as far as remember I have changed the settings like the blow to sort it out.

If you go
Settings> Basic> Global settings> Select post editor> choose "old editor"

Hope it works.

The comment I wanted to leave is this;

If you play the three videos at the same time, it is interesting. You see three solos happening simultaneously, then start seeing some relationships between each other. There is also something interesting about square frames, like windows.

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Thanks for putting up the Butoh films anne-laure. I prefer with sound as creates the mood and concentration.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Maison Artaud films and RE Ukiyo II home work

Hello everyone,

Fisrtly, I would like to wish you all an Happy New Year and wish you to relish all the exciting and happy moments that are about to come.
Also, I am sorry to have not contacted, reply or post any thoughts these last few weeks. I left for France and passed Xmas over there with my Grand-Mother and without actually no main technology...I felt a little bit cut out of the world but I needed to not approach any kind of technology and find mysefl reading a lot.

Anyway, now I am back and obvioulsy I need to catch up with all the thoughts that have been exchanged lately.
But before this I wanted to post you the film of each performer at the Maison D'artaud. I hope you will enjoy it. I have cut out the music as I thought it was not necessary and so much more interesting to wacth the dancer moving rather than also listening the music ( and the quality was not great). I hope that is ok, however if you would like the original version with music I will bring it to you at our next meeting.

I have personnaly had a very good experience at the Maison D'artaud and discovered a "dance" that actually means somenthing to me. I would say that I am far far away from dancing Butoh, however I discovered the beauty of subtulty and slowness which is actually quite the opposite of my personnality from the outside and I have enjoyed to allow mysefl to be more vulnerable, which if I would connect this to my character, is actually a facet of this workerwomen. I guess, until this trip to Japan, I saw the workerwomen as someone quite strong, energetic, working all the time like a machine.... And probably that was transfered into my movements which appearred sometimes too "forced", as Johannes mentionned.
When Michele, Katsura and I had our little inspirational work, I started to look at the ongoing lines of the electrical cable as well as noticing the defected structure of some the produced mainkind which seemed to be eroded by the nature and time. I then now understand the fragility of this workerwomen. It seems to me that the worker women has two anthetical poles, the strong vs the fragitly, the outside/inside like in butoh dance front human, back animal, maybe here it's front women/back machine, technology(worker). The whole forms an entity, but both side have to be equal in order to balance the character.But what happens if one side take over the other one?

I am intrigue by Johannes both suggestions.
One being extracted information, working on a task based performance. Could we discuss this a bit more as I am not very sure here? Would it be extracted from the auidence? But kind? What will do with it? How? I know I need to think to. Sorry I have this bad habit to write as I am thinking for me too....

The other one was to interactively draws and mesure with her machinism the kinds of movementss that Helenna, Yorgos or Katsura performs when she extracts the cadence of movements the other do but not every one might see. Then you suggested that the cadences translate into an animation. I thouht that was very interesting however i was going to suggest that perhaps this extracted cadence could be decoded into beats which are then maybe re-transmitted as a cadence of work for the workerwomen to "perform" with. This is only a idea.

Michele I like also very much your idea of the box, worker women experiencing sound within, but then it also refers to me as a island on which maybe the workerwomen go back into as feeling fragile. A little bit like a nest for a bird. I will post you my findings with sound experience. i have bought some computer speakers and going to cut one out so I can attached one to my Ipod then to my arms or hands..
If we were considering a box, could this have also anothe use, like being 4 walls projection screen... Yes I know this maybe too complicated, but better to go over the top and bring in down that not raising the bar.
Michele I guess you have seen this pictures I took at the ICC but I thought it was interesting in term of the garment metal grid .

I would also like to mention that I very very much like Doros ideas. Each performer an island and build his/her own. If that was going to happen, will all the performer start from scratch or only Katsura as she "represents' the begining" like the creation of the "earth", and then by creating her island, consequently, if i understood, like Darwins theory, the rest could follow but however will emerge as entirely different creature, different island from other performer??? Then could means that by this we are then all interconnected??

I guess i need to read more and reflect on what has beeen said.
I very much look forward to our next meeting, I also think the slot time is a good idea, thus allowing more quality time and work.

I have to concentrate now over the next week on essay that I have to write and then my head wil feel lighter and can concentrate and focus more on other things.

Johannes, Slovania is a great great news :-)


Maison Artaud II

For some reason I have problem uploading Katsura & Hironobu Oikawa.
Hope that will work now.